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All over the internet People are asking searching in engines and forums the same question. WHERE CAN I BUY GOLD TEETH & MOUTH GRILLS ONLINE?

In Chicago & the Midwest google Chigrillz.com the Gold Teeth Grillz, Diamond Teeth Grills & Jewelry grills for the mouth specialists, where top grills & bottom grillz sets are on sale. We sell Top and Bottom grills Sets. Our golds are removable custom gold teeth grills Servicing Chicago, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, as well as world wide via www.usps.com Our mouth grills are made in the following metals from cheapest to more expensive:

Silver Teeth Grillz, Low Gold Gold Plated 6k Teeth Grills, 9K Gold Teeth Grillz, 10K Gold Teeth Grills, 14K Gold Teeth grillz, 18k Gold Teeth grills, 22k Gold Teeth grills, in the following colors: Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold (for those on a budget ask about our balling on a budget hip hop grills low gold grill specials and Platinum Teeth grills the most expensive grills on the market.

ON SALE 6 Cap 10K Gold Grillz $330 and Top & Bottom Grillz Starting as Low as $280 for Silver

Each Set of mouth grills you order are Custom made to fit only your mouth. Our Gold's are durable and high quality custom craftsmanship. We provide superior customer service and cost efficient prices. Fully customize and make your grill look just like your favorite rapper's with:

Diamond Cuts, Trillion cuts, Nugget designs, open face grill styles, small, long curved and extended Fangs, Cubic Zirconia's and Diamonds.

Buy your set of mouth grills in

3 easy steps.

1.) Explore our website to see plenty of styles of teeth grills to chose from.

2.) Purchase your mouth mold starter kit required for every set of teeth grills you're having custom made by Chi Grillz. (Also If diamond grills are what you're looking for we carry it all, from white round stones, to canary yellow princess cut diamonds invisible set, ruby red baguettes, and more.)

3.) Make your purchase of the desired style grill you have chosen and your custom grills will be rushed out to you within the week (certain restrictions apply).

Whether its for a costume and you want a pimp grill or vampire fangs, its for a gift, you're a hip hop rap group with a photo shoot, or you just want to step your grill game up... let us know, ChiGrillz has got a package to fit every budget and suit your needs. With us Goldteeth grillz, aren't just an accessory, they're an essential.

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Featured Products
6 Cap Gold Teeth Classic All Gold Grillz
Regular price: $390.00
Sale price: $330.00
Style-0508 6 cap white gold diamond cut grillz designs
Regular price: $420.00
Sale price: $378.00
Style-0200 4 cap Gold Teeth Solid Gold
Regular price: $280.00
Sale price: $240.00
Style-0336 4 White gold caps with 36 Diamond (s)
Regular price: $1,050.00
Sale price: $950.00
Style-0399 8 White Gold Caps Flooded with Ice
Regular price: $2,200.00
Sale price: $2,080.00
Style-0340 6 Gold Caps with 52 diamonds
Regular price: $2,300.00
Sale price: $2,000.00
Regular price: $500.00
Sale price: $405.00
Style-0462 8 white gold caps with 26-2pt yellow
Regular price: $1,610.00
Sale price: $1,500.00
Style-0457 icey 52 stones  1140
Regular price: $1,040.00
Sale price: $984.00
Style-0456 44 diamonds in a cluster style also made w smaller diamonds
Regular price: $940.00
Sale price: $890.00
Style-0452 6 cap assorted diamond cut grill w medium and curved fangs
Regular price: $490.00
Sale price: $425.00
Style-0408 6 gold cap 6 10 pt Diamonds
Regular price: $1,230.00
Sale price: $1,150.00
Style-0345 6 Gold Caps 32-4 point w 70-2 pt diamonds open wall
Regular price: $2,460.00
Sale price: $2,400.00
Style-0378 6 Gold Caps with 46-2 point stones channel setting
Regular price: $1,060.00
Sale price: $980.00
Style-0361 6 gold caps w diamond cut frames in white gold 330
Regular price: $390.00
Sale price: $330.00
Style-0388 6 gold caps with cut out design
Regular price: $420.00
Sale price: $360.00
Style-0346 6 Gold Caps with 2 sets of fangs medium and long fangs
Regular price: $530.00
Sale price: $440.00
Regular price: $890.00
Sale price: $820.00
Style-0342 6 Gold Caps with short fangs and diamond cut
Regular price: $480.00
Sale price: $440.00
Style-y0600 6 Cap Open Face Gold Grills
Regular price: $432.00
Sale price: $330.00
Style-y0475 6 Cap Open Face Initial 6 Medium Canary Princess Cut Bars
Regular price: $2,650.00
Sale price: $1,980.00
Style-0283 6 gold caps w/ fang ext 10 small rubies & 16 white
Regular price: $848.00
Sale price: $754.00
Jewelry Cleaner Cloth
Regular price: $5.25
Sale price: $5.25
$9.00, 2/$15.00
6 Teeth Dental Gold Cap Grillz The Six Piece Grill Set by ChiGrillz